the raw smoothie nosh detox calm & soothe

Mango, blueberry, acai

No, it’s not a shoulder massage in a bottle. But it might as well be. This smoothie tastes so good, you might just forget it’s good for you. Fresh mangoes and blueberries have that effect on people.

Mix in a little pineapple for the taste of sunshine, half a peach for a hint of summer (no matter how grey a day it is), and a dash of acai powder that’s rich in dietary fiber, calcium, iron and vitamin E. All told, this smoothie gives you 90% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

Ingredients Bliss 100%, Mango 48%, Peach 21%, Pineapple 20.9%, Water 6%, Blueberries, Acai Berry, Agave

Nutritional Information (per 100ml)

Energy-581kj/138kcal Fat – 0.17g the raw smoothie nosh detox buy now
Protein- 1.4g Vitamin C – 82.0 90% of RDA
Carbohydrate-35g Vitamin A – 106.49mcg

Why drink your smoothie raw?

Because raw fruit has the most
vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.
The fact is, most other smoothies
and juices are heat-treated… which
ends up denaturing the delicate live
enzymes found in fresh fruit.
That’s why we developed a way to
keep all the good stuff in your
smoothie by making sure it stays
raw and fresh.
  • At least 6 whole food ingredients in every bottle (and nothing else)
  • Loaded with Vitamin C
  • In recent research, picked 2–to-1 over the leading smoothie*

Nosh Detox, Well being, Well Delivered

Nosh Detox is an award winning London based company created by Geeta Sidhu-Robb committed to you; and your best potential health and wellbeing. We work with a number of health issues such as weight loss and thyroid healing etc.
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